Other Keno Ticket Types

Most of us who have played keno would have most certainly have come across ticket names such as split tickets, keno regular tickets, keno way tickets and so on, play at casinos recommended by the thebettingthief.com site. However apart from the above there are quite a few other keno tickets about which not many people may be aware of. Let us over the next few lines try and learn something more about some other keno tickets that are commonly used in the various types and varieties of keno games, both in the online scenario and the brick and mortar scenario. A few names that comes to our mind are keno race horse tickets, keno king ticket, keno top/bottom tickets, keno left/right tickets and so on or play live games with Global Live Casino. Though it may not be possible to discuss each one of them in detail, let us try and cover as many as possible.

Keno race horse tickets are nothing but ordinary tickets that are used in all the keno games or other games like pontoon blackjack. However the only small difference is that each number that is drawn is related to a racehorse. The players mark the numbers they have chosen to play with a circle and they get paid depending on the combination of winning numbers. Coming to some other types of keno tickets it would be pertinent to point out here that keno king tickets are something that also have a quite bit of acceptance amongst quite a few of those who are into playing keno the game. These special types of keno tickets are those tickets where a number is selected and circled. This number is referred to as the king and hence the name keno king ticket.

Apart from the above there are other types of keno tickets too such as keno top/bottom tickets and keno right/left tickets and quite a few others and gamble with Red Flush Casino. The internet is the best place where a lot of information can be gathered about these various types of tickets from keno.